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Issue 26, Spring Equinox 1998

In This Issue:
Out on a Limb: Editorial
Origins of Folklore - Michael Colmer
Reflections on a Life's Journey: The Big Blue What? - Nion
Tree Spirits - Jennifer Sandlin
Magical Manners - Avian
Into the Light: Working with Crystals - Marilyn Windle
News Release: For All Things Metaphysical & Spiritual
Ankh (Cross)-Word Puzzle - Sherlock
About Our Staff & Contributors
Bubbles From the Cauldron - book reviews, etc.

Editor & Publisher: Linda Kerr

Michael Colmer, Nion, Jennifer Sandlin, Avian, Marilyn Windle.

THE HAZEL NUT, Issue 26, Copyright © 1998. Spring Equinox 1998, Alder/Willow/Hawthorn Moons.

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In Celtic legend, the hazel tree drops its nuts into the well below, where they are consumed by the salmon. While cooking one of these salmon, Fionn accidently tastes it, and instantly gains all knowledge. As such, the hazelnut has come to symbolize wisdom in a nutshell. THE HAZEL NUT attempts to bring you this wisdom in a small package every issue, with historical research, herbal information, viewpoints, poetry, artwork, and reader submissions. We also explore, in depth, one or more trees of the Celtic tree calendar/alphabet (Beth-Luis-Nion system) as researched and explained by Robert Graves in The White Goddess. This includes its herbal uses, folklore, esoterica, lunar energies, psychology, mythology, symbolism, and other aspects. In this we hope to make the sacred trees a real, and positive, part of your everyday life.
Alder, or Fearn, is the fourth tree in the Celtic tree calendar. It usually occurs in March or April, and this year it runs from March 28-April 26.
Willow, or Saille, is the fifth tree in the Celtic tree calendar. It usually occurs in April or May, and this year it runs from April 27-May 25.
Hawthorn, or Huath, is the sixth tree in the Celtic tree calendar. It usually occurs in May or June, and this year it runs from May 26-June 23.


Until next time, party on, dudes! - Muirghein


by Michael Colmer

In 1846 in a very upmarket British monthly journal entitled "The Athenaeum" (the Victorian equivalent of the "London Times") a letter appeared from one Ambrose Merton who suggested that popular traditions were worth recording and he proposed an entirely new word to describe their study: "folklore."
His letter drew an enthusiastic response from many readers, one of which submitted the following story which throws new light on a long established favorite children's tale. It was entitled:

The Three Little Pisgies

There was once a fox, who prowling by night in search of prey, came unexpectedly on a colony of pixies. Each pixey had a separate house. The first was made of wood. "Let me in, let me in," said the fox. "I won't," was the pixy's reply, "and the door is fastened." So the fox climbed to the top of the house, pushed in down and made a meal of the unfortunate pixy.
The next house was made of unmortared stones. "Let me in, let me in," said the fox. "I won't," replied its pixy owner, "and the door is fastened." So the fox climbed to the top of the house, pushed in down and made a meal of its unfortunate owner.
The third house was made of iron. "Let me in, let me in," said the fox. "I won't, and the door is fastened," said the pixy. "But I bring good news," said the fox. "No, No," answered the pixy, "I know what you want. You shall not come in here tonight." That house the fox tried in vain to destroy but it was too strong for him. The next night he returned and tried every wile to tempt the pixy but was in vain, until he offered to escort the pixy to a tempting field of turnips at four o'clock the next morning.
But the clever pixy got up at two o'clock and returned home laden with turnips long before the fox awoke. The thwarted fox then proposed an early morning visit to a local fair. Again the pixy arose early and returned from the fair laden with treasures. But he forgot to close his front door and the fox crept straight in and popped the pixy in a box. "Let me out," said the pixy, "and I will tell you a wonderful secret."
But when the fox opened the cover the pixy flew out and cast such a spell over the fox that he jumped into the box where he perished.

Author's note: In Cornwall, one of the many mystical Celtic fringes of Britain, old legends of the names of the little people are variously spelt phonetically as Pixy, Pigsey, and Piskie. So, with all apologies to Walt Disney, Inc., mayhap the real tale of the three little pigs began in a different way altogether...


by Nion

Howdy, ya'll, Nion here. As I have had several requests in regards to the almost certainly (?) fictitious group that reveres the Majestic Big Blue Penis (re, last paragraph, my article, Yule 96 issue), I though I would pass on, what in my imagination, a celebratory ritual might be like. Before I go on, if you're of a prudish (pagans? prude??? Ha!) inclination, or easily embarrassed, you might want to pass this article up. And of course to be P.C., I hereby give this ritual an R-18 or X rating with nudity, adult language, adult content, and strong sexual content (Hah! The kind of trivial gutter trash I like!).

The Ritual of the Majestic Blue Penis

Preparation: Participants are sSkyclad (naturally). Gather incense, candles, anointing oil (flavored lubricants are an acceptable substitute), and on the altar have an effigy of a Big Blue Penis (available at your local adult bookstore). All male aspirants will have their natural dangly members dyed blue with woad, body paint, food coloring, etc. Females will have a blue penis painted (the sizing of which reflects the female aspirant's reverence/devotion) upon their lower abdomen (belly, chest, etc.).

Cast/Strengthen Circle: HP (High Priest) casts circle of choice with a phallus-shaped wand, artificial penis (or if the HP is really ready, using his own naturally erect, dyed blue member as a wand, suitably consecrated, of course).

Quarter Calls:
Spirits of the East
Spirits of Air
Caress our members
With gentle breezes
Come play with us

Spirits of the South

Spirits of Fire
Fill us with vitality
And firey strength
Come play with us

Spirits of the West
Spirits of Water
Fill our members to overflowing
With depths of passion
Come play with us

Spirits of the North
Spirits of Earth
Firm our members
As solid as the rocks
Come play with us

Drawing up the Penis:

HP stands in the God position with his back to the altar. HPS kneels before him, and with reverence anoints his member with oil, while saying:

I call upon thee, o mighty member,
Thou Majestic Blue Penis.
Come now, arise into this your Priest (name)
Let your power flow into him
As the sap rises within a tree.
I invoke thee, o mighty one,
Father eternal, deliverer of the seed.

HPS touches HP on right nipple, left nipple, penis, right nipple, saying:

Hail Majestic one,
Proud and upright.
Deliverer of the seed of life,
And with the Mother Eternal,
Bringing forth fertility to the land.
I kneel before thee, thy tumescence at my lip.

HPS kisses member.

I adore thee, and revere thee,
O mighty one, bringer forth of life.

Charge of the Penis:
Listen to the words of the Majestic Blue Penis, He of old, who is called among men, the staff, rod, tool, schlong, pole, dick, cock, pud, and many other names. Hear now the words of his charge.

Whenever ye have need of me, once a month or whenever I arise, assemble together or alone, and adore the spirit of me, who is the deliverer of the seed of life. Ye shall be free, and as a sign of that freedom, ye shall be naked in your rites. Ye shall make love or take joy in thy self-pleasure, alone or among any or all who revere me. For I am pleasure, and the bringer of pleasure. All acts of love and pleasure are mine, with no remorse or shame, for I am the ecstasy of the body and spirit and joy on the earth.

Power Raising Chant:

Arise mighty pud
(chant 3 times)
Rub it to a nub

Hard and stiff
Dangling free
Wish it was
Down to my knee


Short or tall
Thin or fat
Stroke it up
I like it like that


Caress it up
Kiss it down
Have a lot of fun
With never a frown


Stick it in
Stroke it out
Lots of oil
Make it spout

(Chorus until HP yells SPOUT, I mean Down)

All participants alone or with partner(s) pay homage to the Majestic One in whatever way their inclination strikes them. (The altar effigy may be used if so desired by any of the participants.)

Wine and Cakes:
As the rod is to the male
So the cup is to the female

Insert athame or wand (don't dip your wick, sanitary reasons, of course)

Cojoined, they are one.

Blessing of your choice.

Release/Thank the Quarters

Draw up the Circle (and then clean up the mess!)

Well, there ya have it, the fictitious (?) Majestic Blue Penis ritual. Enjoy, and watch out for hairy palms or going blind (or at least have available, if needed, a bottle of Nair and a white cane.) May the Lord and Lady always light your chosen path. Blessed Be.


by Jennifer Sandlin

Today (November 18, 1994) is the first day in my life that I actually felt and saw the spirit in trees and bushes. I was observing a particular tree and noticed its beauty. Somehow I decided to send love to that tree. What I received was love, but not my own. It had a different feel and texture than my own, and it was strong. I started sending to each tree as I walked by, and as I got nearer to the tree I could feel its love even stronger. I had to open up to it once and awhile but sometimes I could feel the return as I was giving. With some trees I felt a connection more than with others, that I cannot explain. But once I became aware of the feel of this love from them, I began to sense their spirits and then began to hear their spirit voices, talking and answering my questions. It was such a moving experience, I had to write it down right away. There are only 4 or 5 people I could tell this to, maybe less. It didn't freak me out or scare me; I didn't feel crowded or watched like I usually do when I start sensing spirits. But this time there was an age-old connection between two living things--plant and animal, spirit and spirit. We are made of the same energy and I could feel that familiarity with them as if they had known me for years. Hopefully I will never forget this experience because it has opened my senses to feel plants. I've been wanting to do this for years. I was finally ready for it to happen.

This journal entry was written in November of 1994 for a class that I was taking at Auburn University. We were told to write about anything we desired or felt the need to write about. It takes place in front of the old Bio lab and nursing building.

If you have never experienced nature so intimately, know that you can. My experiences have been few, but they become more interesting each time. Here are some steps to experiencing. Maybe these will work for you and maybe they won't. Good luck!
1. Surround yourself with nature--go to a forest, stream, desert, mountain, or any other quiet place outside.
2. Focus your attention on a rock, tree or plant.
3. Be still and listen, opening yourself to any thoughts, feelings, or impressions that come to you. Don't second guess, just accept these at face value.
4. Ask a question, either out loud or in your head. Or visualize or imagine loving feelings emanating from your body, either as white or pink light.
5. Again wait and listen. Be open to anything outside of yourself. If you're lucky, you'll get something.
6. Write me or email me with your experiences (, Jennifer Sandlin, 90 Ashmore Drive, Newnan, GA 30263). Maybe we could start a group of Treetalkers!

Love and light!


by Avian

Introduction to the Series

As a waiter in the mundane world, I appreciate the common-sense points of etiquette that govern the guest-server relationship. Above all, I am there to provide comfort. Without intimidation, I can advise anyone on a gourmet menu and wine selection. Proper table setting, also, is nothing more than a practical, safe, and convenient arrangement, to which my blind clientele will attest.

Guests, on the other hand, must communicate to me their needs, in words or subtle gestures. The knife and fork, for example, tell me to remove the dinner plate when they are aligned a certain way upon it. Across the table, a coffee cup turned upward prompts me to return with the dessert display (and or course, hot beverages).
Throughout the meal, neither conversation nor chewing need be interrupted by my attentive service. Guests leave well-contented with their relaxing dinner, and my wallet is fuller, simply because we understood a few principles of courtesy toward each other.
Queen Victoria once entertained a Middle-Eastern dignitary, who drank from his finger-bowl. In turn, Her Majesty took a sip from her own. In a similar incident, Edward III founded the Order of the Garter when the Countess of Salisbury lost her stocking band on the ballroom floor. Relieving her fear (some say she was a witch) and embarrassment, the King donned the garter himself, saying, "Evil to he who evil thinks."
Etiquette, one realizes, has little to do with salad-fork trivia and the patience-trying stiffness of high-brow affairs. To be noble is to act nobly towards others, with sensitivity and respect. Societies develop rules to protect their members from awkwardness, injury, and other obstacles to their greater survival and pleasure. Truck drivers flash brights to warn or reassure other motorists; wedding planners ensure less confusion; and countries avoid war over misguided insults.
Our Neo-Pagan culture--where we celebrate diversity, revel in holy hedonism, and resent tyranny of values--has no place for charm school; nor do we need the inflexible protocol which alienates others by facades and closed-mindedness. The Goddess calls us from so many different backgrounds, into journeys on so many different spiritual avenues, such that conformity is never an ideal.
Yet, we perform customary Rites of Passage, we treat our Elders with special dignity, we encourage psychic hygiene for the well-being of all, and Wiccans, especially, follow the Main Tenet. "Etiquette," in effect, means "An ye harm none..."
Covens and larger groups generally sketch explicit lines between tolerance and taboo. Newcomers and solitaries, however, must rely on common sense, momentary counsel, and trial-and-error, in order to gain the full advantages of webweaving among the Craft. Sincere, gracious manners will put you, undeniably, at the feet of the wisest teachers and yield you acceptance faster than any degree or lineage. More importantly, the super-ordinary dimensions of witches' lifestyles warrant our extra precautions, to "harm none," nor allow the niaveté of others to bring harm upon ourselves.
In the aim of preventing such offense, and thereby lending a boost of social confidence in our community, do I introduce this series on the etiquette of Wicca.
From my own experiences--including mistakes--as well as those of contributors, will I draw these suggestions for comfort among magical people--considering their feelings, respecting their power, and embracing Divinity within everyone. To one with fine breeding and sharper wits, this column may seem redundant. Still, let me emphasize certain courtesies in view of spirituality, and relax certain standards of prudery, which stifle the health of our innovative bonds. Let me not, however, present more than suggestions to ponder; nor let me offer myself as a yardstick of propriety. I can only guide readers to think for themselves in sensitivity, not dictate every step of another's behavior in every situation.
In closing, I speak on behalf of some, though not all, learned Wiccans who feel that fleshing out the Main Tenet in a social context would benefit our spiritual work as well.
Peace, Health, Bright Blessings!


by Marilyn Windle

The articles in this series are intended to expose you to a variety of new age techniques and topics. Meditative exercises help you learn to slow your brain frequency to a level where your right brain (or practical side) relinquishes control, and your left brain (the more intuitive side) takes over. Using this lower brain frequency, or alpha frequency, you can learn to feel the energy fields that exist around all matter.
If you've never worked with crystals, you'll be surprised to find how easy it is to feel the different energy levels given off by different types of stones. Even without consciously lowering your brain frequency, you will probably be able to feel the difference between hematite and rose quartz, malachite and amber. Some stones feel warmer then others. Some stones feel denser. If you've never experienced this, go to a rock shop, natural products store or new age/crystal shop and run your fingers through the bins of stones. After experimenting a bit, you can actually close your eyes and tell by the feel of the stone what it is.
While meditating, you can experience the different vibrations of the stones even more.
Why would you want to? According to some sources, crystals can be used for everything from enhancing your love life to strengthening your immune system. Some stones are said to increase mental clarity, others to cure AIDS. Some believe that the mystic properties of a crystal are caused by its color. There isn't room here to go into every belief about the properties and qualities of crystals. Just be sure to keep your common sense fully engaged when reading in this area. Check out Barbara Walker's The Book of Sacred Stones, published by HarperSanFrancisco in 1989, for an unbiased and intelligent assessment.
So is it all bunk? Not exactly, but the claims made are exaggerated. It is true that different stones have different energy vibrations, and it is certainly conceivable that these vibrations can have an impact on your body. Just as some music causes changes in your brain (listening to Mozart has been found to improve abstract thinking, for example), it seems logical that something that gives off a specific energy wave can affect your cells. Just what that effect is, though, is debatable. Use crystals as you would any tool to focus your intelligence on what you want to do.
One thing you can do with crystals is use them to enhance your meditation. Just as with psychometry, where the article held is perceived by your mind as giving you information you are obtaining from other sources, using crystals can help you to focus on a problem or thought. You can use any semi-precious stone for the exercises that follow, although clear quartz is generally used, and this is one area where no one argues that size matters. Choose the largest stone you can afford.


Find a comfortable position and close your eyes, holding your crystal in one hand. If you are new to meditating, it's better to sit in a comfortable chair then to lie down, so you don't fall asleep. Close your eyes and observe your slow, even breath. Imagine yourself floating above the earth effortlessly, like a feather on a gust of wind. As you start to slowly drift towards the ground, feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Feel yourself moving slowly and softly downward until you come to rest on the ground. See the glow from the sun touching your face and feel it as an energy beam funneling down through your head into your body. As this energy travels down through your shoulders, arms, chest, waist, hips and legs, feel it fill up inside you and start radiating outward.

Imagine an incredible glow from all over your body, and imagine that another, strong glow is emanating from the crystal you are holding in your hand. Mentally direct the bright shaft of light from the crystal to whatever you want to work on. If you have a sore throat, for example, mentally point the crystal so it lights up your throat area. Feel the bright white light penetrating the skin and enveloping your tissues, bringing healing warmth and love. If you have a job interview scheduled, picture yourself during the interview and see the beam from the crystal as 'lighting up' your mind so that you respond well to your interviewer's questions.
You can shine the crystal's light on any problem you have, whether physical or not. Some people find working with crystals enhances their meditations. Why not find out for yourself if this technique works for you?


We may be a bit away from this lofty goal, but we are on our way. The International Association of Metaphysicians (IAM) Mall is now on the Internet. Look for our site at: <> and check it out. We have tried to cover all of the bases and have the following pages now on line and ready for your input:
General Membership: We are setting this page up to be available only on a password basis to our members. The intent is not to make it available to everyone wanting a metaphysical mailing list, but to have it for members wanting to contact each other.
Practitioners Membership: This Registry is so people will be able to find practitioners who are close to their area or available by phone or mail. These members are also on our General Membership list. This registry is broken down by discipline (i.e., astrology, palmistry, tarot, etc.) and as we build the list, it will also be searchable by city and/or state.
Presenter's Registry: This page is designed to be a source for people looking for speakers, workshop facilties, etc. If you are a practitioner who also does seminars and workshops, you can be listed on this registry as well.
Events: For events that will ultimately be searchable month-by-month as well as be city, state, and country. Non-profit organizations get to list their events at no charge; for-profit events are charged a small fee.

Retreat Centers: We hope to be able to have a directory of retreat centers around the country...the world eventually, so that if you want a location to put on an event or just go someplace to have a personal retreat you will be able to find one that you like.
Premonition Registry: This is for those brave psychics who want to register their premonitions of things to come. It should be fun. Check out which ones are accurate.
Soon to come is a Chat Room so you can go online and chat with other metaphysicians about areas of common interest and the IAM Forum, a quarterly magazine about metaphysics and spirituality.
In the works: a metaphysical and spiritual bookstore; a metaphysical and spiritual catalog of products; a sacred tours group. All this for a general membership fee of $15 and a practitioners membership fee of $35. We will even create a basic home page for you for $200 or allow you to link your existing home page to the IAM Mall for $15./
So check out the IAM Mall website at <> and join the Guardinas of the Flame as we change the person at a time.

For further information, please contact:
Lynn C. Thorsen; 503-245-3006, FAX 503-977-0626
email: <lynn@sitespinners>


by Sherlock


Linda Kerr (Guest Editor) is a High Priestess of the Faerie Faith and the founder of the first Faerie Faith church, Church of the Spiral Tree, and also mother to a 2-year old daughter. In addition to occasionally putting out The Hazel Nut and holding down a full-time job, she also organizes and runs a festival every May called Moondance; this is its 8th year. Other things competing for her time are Buckskinning (pre-1840's historical reenactment), teaching and competing in Scottish Highland Dance, and river canoeing. Write to her c/o The Hazel Nut, or email to: <>.

Nion (Don Mikovitz) has been a pagan/wiccan for 5 years. He is a 2nd degree Gardenarian priest with the Clan of the Black Rose (C.O.B.R.a.). He was brought up Roman Catholic, and searched for 20 years for spiritual fulfillment. He's married to a very Christian spouse for some very interesting times. He is also a 3rd degree Reiki master, and is interested in all aspects of holistic healing and dancing nekked 'round the fire to the drums. Write to him c/o The Hazel Nut.

Jennifer Sandlin, 24, has been on a journey since she realized she was looking for something beyond everyday reality. Formerly a high school teacher, she now tutors, sells books, teaches skin care as a beauty consultant, and studies foreign languages, and is still looking for a job
that suits her. She is a newbie Pagan and was raised as a Christian most of her life, but she considers herself to be an "-ism" and loves to learn and share with others about their beliefs. Write to her c/o The Hazel Nut.

Marilyn Windle is a writer living in Atlanta. She is the author of The Atlanta Dog Lover's Companion, published by Foghorn Press. Her interest in the occult and psychic abilities began in her early teens, and her column strives to help others to develop psychically. Write to her c/o The Hazel Nut, or email her at: <>.


Ephraim - The Location of Lost Israelite Tribes in the West According to the Bible, Jewish and non-Jewish Tradition, and General Fact, by Yair Davidy, Russell-Davis Publishers, 1995, Israel, 285 pp., $25.00.

Ephraim reveals new evidence proving that very many peoples of British and Northwest European origin are actually of ancient Hebrew origin. They are usually unaware of this fact and have lost knowledge of their identity. Ephraim emphasizes Jewish and other sources. It contains several important revelations: Ephraim adduces Biblically-based criteria on a comparative scale determining which peoples are most probably of Israelite origin and which are not. The criteria are:
1) A relative lack of anti-Semitism when compared with others. 2) The doing of justice, implying social empathy. 3) Proven military prowess in the past at least and at present in potential. 4) A minimal degree of national intellectual wisdom and honesty. 5) Economic and physical blessings as promised in scripture. 6) Archaeological and related proofs showing paths of migration. 7) Other Biblical evidence predicting where the Lost Ten Tribes would go, what type of religion and government they would have, etc.
Despite many exceptions, on the whole peoples of British and Northwest European descent meet these Scripturally-given standards and they are the only ones who do.
Other subjects covered by Ephraim include the following:
Ancient Arab sources of Jewish inspiration said in effect that the Lost Ten Tribes were in France and Britain. The Arabs referred to the Lost Northern Israelites as the Sons of Ad who, they believed, had been blown away to "The Happy Isles of the West" meaning, according to Classical Literature, to the British Isles. Some of the Arab-related Kedarite sons of Ishmael, migrated to North America which is therefore called "Kedar" in the Bible and recalled together with the Lost Ten Tribes in the End Times.
An analysis of the Prophecy of Isaiah (chapter 49) proves that exiled Israel is in the Western Isles, etc. meaning Britain and America. Based on Isaiah was a Midrash concerning Three Places of Exile to which the Lost Ten Tribes were to be led: The three places were: The River Sambation; Daphne of Antiochea; and Beneath the Cloud of Darkness. These terms are shown to describe actual locations along migratory paths leading to western Europe, Britain, and even North America.
In Biblical prophecy as demonstrated by The Book Of Obadiah and Talmudic sources, the descendants of Edom are equated with Germany & Rome. Peoples descended from Edom were recorded in parts of Europe and converged on the German area. The German-Roman alliance today seems to have a de-facto plot to destroy Britain, America, and the Jews and this is documented. The Talmud says that Joseph is the only one capable of completely defeating Edom! According to Rabbinical Commentators on the Biblical Book of Obadiah, the Lost Ten Tribes are located in France, Britain, and the north. It has been proven from other sources that the British, North Americans and people of British descent come from Joseph and these have shown in the past that they are capable (with the aid of God) of defeating Germany. The Hebrew Bible says expressly that at some stage Judah (i.e. the present-day Jews) and "Ephraim" will be reunited and together will transfer the Palestinians by airflight to somewhere in the west.
The Prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah describe the Lost Ten Tribes in the Latter Days as apparently practicing a form of Christianity: They must, therefore, be sought for amongst those Christian nations who most fully meet other given signs of identification. This leads directly to peoples of Northwest European and especially British origin. A special chapter contributed by Israel Feld (of Susia, Hebron Mountains, Israel) discusses Rabbinical sources that show Judah and the Lost Ten Tribes to be complementary parts of a whole and to have need of each other and that the re-unification of Judah with the Lost Ten Tribes is necessary in order to rebuild the Holy Temple.
Ephraim proves that the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel are amongst the western nations. The evidence consists of Arab and Jewish traditions, Midrashim, nomenclature, the path of the dolmens, the meaning of names and Biblical prophecy, history, legends, and even features of present-day politics. Much of the research is original and some very important and conclusive proofs are presented for what seems to be the first time ever. Reports state that Ephraim makes for easy reading of great interest. Ephraim may well be somewhat controversial but it nevertheless imparts knowledge of great importance and is well worth acquiring. In some respects Ephraim is indispensable.
Ephraim may be obtained from: Yair Davidy, "Brit-Am," P.O.Box 595, Jerusalem 91004, Israel. Telephone: (0)2-9975819, e-mail: <>. Send check or money order for $25 (U.S.) or 18 (or the approximate equivalent of these prices in any other currency). Price includes airmail postage. Allow 1-3 weeks for arrival. Genuinely dissatisfied customers (if there any) may obtain their money back as long as they return the book(s) within one month from the time of receipt.
A previous work, The Tribes, dealt with different aspects of the same subject and a second edition of "The Tribes" is in preparation. A third work, "Identity," will soon be ready for publication. A quarterly journal, "Tribesman," is now available.