General Rules and Regulations of Moondance

**NOTICE: Everything on this page was written by Linda Kerr, and as such, is copyrighted. If you'd like to use any part of this page for your own festival or event, please request permission first, AND give credit and a link back.**

© 2013 Linda Kerr

Note: Some of the rules below are also found in the What to Expect and Site Info. While those other two links will give you a lot more info, the rules below are the things that, if broken, will at the very least earn you a note beside your name describing what you did in the database forevermore, and at the very worst, get you removed from the site by the police (yep, it's happened before). So please read them VERY carefully!

  • Moondance is held at Roxanna, which is PRIVATE PROPERTY. Please respect any and all rules put forth by the owners. Roxanna is NOT open to the public in any way, form or fashion. When you pay your registration fee for Moondance, that particular weekend is the ONLY time you are paying for. Payment for and attendance at this festival does NOT provide you access to Roxanna at any other time, or for any other reason.
  • Any infraction of mundane law, i.e., theft, threat to or endangerment of others, etc., are grounds for immediate expulsion from the festival, and possible arrest, if appropriate. People's tents, campers, and vehicles are their personal property and temporary living abode; do not enter them without permission.
  • Illegal substances are absolutely forbidden, by any and all people!! This is very important if you can't abstain for the weekend, please stay home. We run the risk of losing the site and our freedoms otherwise. Don't use drugs at the festival; don't even bring them.
  • Underage drinking, gross drunken behavior, and unwanted sexual attention (harassment) will not be tolerated.
  • Firearms are not allowed at Roxanna during the festival.
  • TAKE OUT YOUR OWN TRASH: We follow a Leave-No-Trace (LNT) ethic for Moondance and FallFling. This essentially means that YOU are responsible for removing any and all trash that you bring or generate while there (right, that means no trash trolls driving around in their truck to pick up your trash). If you'd like to read up on LNT, here are some good LNT principles & ideas as they apply to Burning Man specifically: environment/resources/lnt.html. Prepare ahead of time; remove all excess packaging from things, bring things in large containers rather than several small ones, prepackage your food before you leave home, plan to recycle some of your trash (glass, cans) later, check your camp and surrounding areas for MOOP (Matter Out of Place) very carefully before you leave.
  • There are hot showers, running water, and electricity (but only at the top of the hill) at Roxanna. Generators are allowed, but must be reasonably quiet (or baffled to hide the noise) and non-stinky.
  • Pets and service animals are allowed, but must be registered in advance. They also must have proof of all current vaccines (bring paper from your vet). Animals (especially dogs, and including service animals) must be well- behaved and under physical control at all times (this means leashed or crated, not running loose or under verbal command). You must clean up after your pet, so that "doggie bombs" are not left behind for others to step in. There is a fee for pets (see prices for current fee); service animals are always free, but must meet above guidelines. NOTE: I reserve the right to refuse admission to any animal at any time for any reason, to limit the total number of dogs allowed to any festival, and to ask any animal to be removed from the site without refund for any reason.
  • Radical Self-Reliance: This means taking responsibility for yourself and the people around you. Come prepared. This is not an event where all the home comforts are supplied, or even available. You are expected to bring everything you think you will need: clothing, food, water, shelter, toiletries, first aid, toilet paper, etc. You *must* take home your own trash. You must clean up after yourself *everywhere* on site, and be sure your camp and surroundings are free of MOOP. There is no one there to clean up behind you or do things for you.
  • Moondance is a private function, and is off-limits to media personnel acting in a professional capacity.
  • Anyone taking photos or video must obtain permission from all recognizable subjects *prior* to filming. Hidden cameras or other media devices are prohibited.
  • Moondance is clothing optional; however, those working the registration booth MUST keep their clothes on, due to emergency personnel or other outsiders coming to the gate.
  • Camp Fires & Fire Safety: In most areas, and assuming there's no burn ban in place, you may have a personal campfire (but not on the rocks or in the woods), but all fires that are in grassy, mowable areas must be contained and off the ground; where the site owner has to mow with a bushhog, rocks, charcoal, bottle caps, and other trash tends to get left behind; these items can damage the bushhog blades ($$$ to repair), and injure or even kill the mower operator. For campfires, please bring your own firewood. Also, please practice common sense with your fires, and don't build a huge roaring fire and then leave it unattended.
  • Dead trees: There are several dead pine trees on-site. We're working on cutting these down, but be aware of them - take care when parking and placing your tent.
  • No one is required to attend our ceremonies or classes, but please respect the rights of those who choose to do so; try to keep your noise, music and conversation to a minimum during these times if you are close by.
  • ALL cars must be moved to the parking area after unloading.
  • Lock your valuables in your trunk; we cannot be responsible for losses.
  • Children under the age of 18 must be under adult supervision at all times.
  • Please sign up for at least one volunteer job when you arrive.