So you want to know what Faerie Faith truly is? Well, here are some links, not necessarily to Faerie Faith info, but to pages about related paths (and not-so-related paths that have similar names).

Imre's history of the Faerie Faith.

My page about Faerie Faith, with a brief history of our origins towards the bottom.

The Faerie Faith by Cliff Landis
Stargate - Mark Roberts' homepage.

A Dianic Creation Myth by Morgan McFarland.

The Blue Roebuck

Dianic History - A page about the history of Dianic Wicca, that mentions Morgan MacFarland and Mark Roberts.

Not specifically related to us, but interesting nonetheless:

Francesca De Grandis - Her tradition is called The 3rd Road. It is a type of Wicca, described as the Celtic Shamanism of Faerie Tradition, and includes personal transformation.

Francesca's History of the Faerie Tradition and the 3rd Road - Francesca was trained by Victor Anderson.

CAW HOME - Formed in 1977 by Otter and Morning Glory and Anna Korn

The Faery Faith by Kisma Stepanich - She wrote those books, that some love and some hate, about "Faery Faith" and "Faery Wicca." Definitely NOT related to us!