Dates for the Lunar Tree Months

byLinda Kerr

Copyright 2004 by Linda Kerr In the past, I had a table of all the new and full moons for the year. Unfortunately, life intervenes, and I just don't have time for such an undertaking each year. So here's what you need to do: go to this web page: Lunar Perigee and Apogee Calculator, put in whichever year you're interested in above the table, and it'll tell you all the new and full moons for that year. Now - you need to know when the year begins. I can help you with that one! (NOTE: for full info on the Lunar Tree Calendar system, please read my article at What is the Celtic Tree Calendar?.)

So, when do we begin the next lunar year? Well, obviously it's going to be shortly after the Winter Solstice. I'll give you a hint that pretty much takes care of the guess work. February 2, or Imbolc, always falls with Rowan moon, the 2nd lunation. So find February 2, and follow the lunar cycle back to the new moon. That is the beginning of Rowan moon. It then follows that the day before that new moon was the last day of Birch. Now, follow that lunation backwards. If you get to the new moon before you get to December 21, then you have an entire lunation for Birch, and the days between Winter Solstice and that new moon are the Days Apart. If you get to December 21 before you get to the new moon (working backwards, remember), then you've just got a short lunation for Birch, which starts the day after the Winter Solstice. You'll probably have to find a calendar that lists the moon phases for this to really make sense, which is a great reason to buy the Lunar Calendar: Dedicated to the Goddess in Her Many Guises!

For 2004-2005, Elder moon ends on December 21, after not having a full moon. Birch begins immediately after, on December 22, and Birch's full moon is December 26.

For 2005-2006, Elder moon ends on December 21, after having a full moon on December 15. The next few days, December 22-29, are the days apart. Birch begins on December 30 with the new moon.

For 2006-2007, Elder moon ends on December 22, after having just started with the new moon on December 20. I haven't calculated this yet, but most likely Birch will begin the day after the Solstice, on December 23, and run till the end of that moon cycle.

Points to remember:

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