Moondance 2015

Moondance Pet/Service Animal Application Form

Pets and service animals are allowed, but must be registered in advance. They also must have proof of all current vaccines (bring paper from your vet). Animals (especially dogs, and including service animals) must be well- behaved and under physical control at all times (this means leashed or crated, not running loose or under verbal command). You must clean up after your pet, so that "doggie bombs" are not left behind for others to step in. There is a fee for pets (see prices for current fee); service animals are always free, but must meet above guidelines. NOTE: I reserve the right to refuse admission to any animal at any time for any reason, to limit the total number of dogs allowed to any festival, and to ask any animal to be removed from the site without refund for any reason.

Please be sure you have read the policy on pets (above). Service dogs are always permitted (see below), but other animals are not automatically allowed.

A note about service animals: A "service animal" is one who performs specific tasks directly related to their person's needs. An "emotional support," "comfort," or "therapy" animal is not the same thing as a service animal. Service animals are allowed free; emotional support, comfort, and therapy animals must pay the pet fee. If you are allowed to bring an animal in for free on the assumption that it is a service animal, and it is observed to be more of a pet or "comfort" animal, the animal will be charged the pet fee in the future.

The information below is needed for each animal attending Moondance. Please EMAIL me, and copy and paste the below into the "Comments" section.

Owner's legal name:

E-Mail address:

Pet's name:

What type of critter is this?

If dog, breed & size:

Dates of latest rabies & general vaccinations, and vet's office where these were performed (must bring copy of papers or tags providing proof and dates of vaccinations):

Is this a service animal? Yes / No

If a service animal, is the animal required because of a disability? Yes / No
What work or task has the animal been trained to perform?