Studying the Faerie Faith

If you are interested in the Faerie Faith, please go through the Reading List. The first books to read are usually the two Huna books, Secret Science Behind Miracles, and then Secret Science at Work. After those, then the most important ones to read are Needles of Stone, and Findhorn Garden. Following these, read Devas, Angels and Fairies, and then Woman's Mysteries and Way of All Women. For the shamanic side of Faerie Faith, read the whole series by Carlos Castaneda, then read Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner.

The rest of the books build upon this foundation. You can read them in whatever order speaks to you the most. There is no correct order, no wrong order.

Unfortunately, an in-depth study of the Faerie Faith requires one-on-one training with a teacher, and cannot be done long distance, or even over email. Also, living close by does not guarantee acceptance as a student - the one Faerie Faith coven is currently closed, and not accepting any more students. We're working on turning out some more teachers, but it will take a few years for their training to be complete. In the meantime, read, read, read!

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