Moondance 2019

Moondance 2019

May 23-27, 2019 (Memorial Day Weekend)
(FIVE days long! Plan your vacation now!)
Roxanna, Auburn, Alabama

Organized Chaos!

Join us at Moondance, a festival celebrating the harmony of our community, in the tradition of the civilized savage at the mercy of the woods. Bullshit, bullshit, ad nauseam.

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Moondance will feature classes throughout the weekend on various topics, usually including drumming, yoga, Reiki, Huna, and Tarot. Other activities include a trading blanket on Thursday evening, drum circles, live music, a themed party, a give-away, and an open ritual to celebrate the dance of the seasons.

Moondance is intended for those who identify as Pagans, Wiccans, Asatru, or other similar spiritualities. It is open to newcomers and long-time practitioners alike, but not to the general public or its media.

IMPORTANT: Moondance is LGBTQ-friendly. We do not tolerate implicit, implied, verbal, emotional, or physical violence towards our LGBTQ friends.

Moondance began in 1991 at Roxanna, Alabama, with 45 attendees. Attendance grew, and finally in 1998, after reaching 115 attendees, was moved to a larger site (Dragon Hills, Georgia). While there, Moondance grew to nearly 400 attendees. Finally, we were given the opportunity to move back to our original location of Roxanna in 2013. This year we expect over 100 people to attend.

About the site:

The festival is held at Roxanna, Auburn, Alabama, which is a beautiful, highly spiritual, and mostly primitive camping site. Roxanna is 30 acres, with clearings, woods, a tiny pond, and magnificent expanses of exposed bedrock. The site has electricity, running water, and the world's most awesome *hot* showers. Roxanna is also very private: alcohol allowed (see note above), clothing optional. There are also reasonably priced hotels within 30 miles.

1) PLEASE PRE-REGISTER AND PRE-PAY!! Because there is limited parking space at Roxanna, once we reach 100 attendees, we will have to use an alternative parking area a couple of miles away.
2) To help ensure privacy and security, directions are only sent to those who pre-register. You may pay at the gate, but please let us know you'll be there. Also, we need to know how many to plan for, so we can have enough portapotties.

NOTE: We always need people to volunteer to lead classes and rituals, and food vendors are welcome. Leading a class or ritual counts as part of your community service to the festival, and does not grant you free or discounted admission (sorry!). Please see Class Volunteer Form to volunteer.

Pets and service animals are allowed, but must be registered in advance (hard limit of *12* dogs!!). See full Pet Policy here. There is a fee for pets (see prices for current fee); service animals are always free, but must meet above guidelines.

Everyone who registers for Moondance must comply with the Event Policies listed on this website. Participants refusing to do so will be required to leave without refund. It is also expected that participants will comply with event site rules and secular laws.

**Special note about drunks and alcoholics: If you come to Moondance and get obnoxiously drunk and display inappropriate behavior (harrassing other attendees physically, verbally, sexually, or otherwise, stealing, disturbing other people's camps or possessions, being lewd, rude and socially unacceptable, etc.) you will be REMOVED FROM THE SITE WITHOUT REFUND. "Removed" means one of your camp mates will be required to drive your drunk ass home immediately - not the next day (even if "home" is 8 hours away). If you have no one who is able or willing to drive you home, one of our security personnel will drive you to the Lee County Sheriff's department and drop you off. Also, after such behavior, you will be banned permanently from any and all future festivals and from the site. We have absolutely NO TOLERANCE for drunks.** (Once banned, a recovering alcoholic can apply for probation from banned status by showing an AA chip showing soberness.)

Also, illegal substances are absolutely forbidden, by any and all people!! This is very important - if you can't abstain for the weekend, please stay home. We run the risk of losing the site and our freedoms otherwise.